The Seventh Generation


The Seventh Generation

“When we consider existence we see that the mineral, vegetable, animal, and human world’s are all in need of an educator. If the earth is not cultivated, it becomes a jungle where useless weeds grow; but if a cultivator comes and tills the ground, it produces crops which nourish living creatures. It is evident, therefore, that the soul needs the cultivation of the farmer. Consider the trees: if they remain without a cultivator they will be fruitless…”
– `Abdu’l-Bahá

“What you gonna do, give up…
Dear Cee, Dear Boosie…
This is Lil Toochie…
I love you because your life is like a movie…
You see my daddy got killed and my mama’s on drugs,
So I’m alone and I gets no love,
… and I might even join a gang…
I’m surprised you remember me…

You need to educate yo’ brain…
…never stimulate your pain…

…take all yo’ pain and turn it into thug motivation…
…Think about the consequences…

…Read yo’ Bible…

…Read Psalm 51…”
– Boosie Badazz, “Dear Cee, Dear Boosie,” Penitentiary Chances

Victim of society, you need to educate your brain in ways…
… ways that they don’t tell you in school…
You see my life is like a movie, like yours,
Like you, I’m supposed to be dead…

…told to hide our fire behind a white mask…

Boy, it’s okay…
…girl, it’s okay to be angry…
…don’t hide, don’t run, don’t let them shut you down…

Sage works, burning world needs that sweet smell,
When the drones were flying over those dogs,
I too was a small child, I ran from the land,
I was scared, I was scared at what we’ve become,

Cybernetic Rome, grassroots drying up,
The grass feels the heat,
You do I see it, I see your face,
It’s okay dear love…

…the light there in that smile…
…it’s possible to fly over walls that separate…

…they gonna build a wall on the Southside like they did in Jesus’s home,
Bethlehem, was where they all learned this,
What you see here is a failure to communicate,
It’s a time when teachers have to lie to please the state,
Everyone knows every child is being left behind,
No child left behind starts when you are the teacher,
I want to hear what you have to say,
Turn the tables around and speak…

What do you have to say?

What have you seen?

My seven-year-old Lakota angel what do you love?

I’ll give you a piggy back ride to the river to place tobacco in the river to know,
Let me pray with you, forget the past, I want to remember through your eyes,

You were the one who discovered that electrons flow through the Sun Glass,
Without wires touching,
They make movies about girls like you,
Space-time waves behind your spirit and you see ghosts…

Interstellar schooled that genius father,
I saw it, and one day you will too,
Space pilot grounded to grow food on a dying planet,
He had to be brought down to earth to listen to you…

I know what it’s like to be raised by a physicist,
Little girl, you are a kinder better teacher, speak and don’t hide,
I would do anything to save you, the Seventh Generation,
This generation, the cycle breaks, no more pain…

As much as I struggle to listen, please speak,
Black holes offer a chance for ghosts to speak,

…tell me about them,
Tell me about spirits, tell me about angels, tell me about God…

What came out when they bulldozed those sites?

I saw ghosts and evil spirits in the machines,
Ghosts in the shell…

The earth was there just sitting peaceful and true,
Let me step back and rest for a while in a farm,
Let me go away for a while a month or a year or two,
My dear I’m coming back for the next lesson though,
I cannot wait, I’m working on it already,

The electric world peace prayer

A prayer social network for our waters…

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An End to the Hatred of The Native and The Refugee: Electric Prayer to Keep it in the Ground!

Muscles Alive! during yoga…..Trapezius EMG activity during Pranayama breathing from Brian L. Tracy on Vimeo.

This video is a Muscles Alive! production featuring a recording of the electrical activity of the mid-to-lower trapezius muscle using the Human EMG Spikerbox from a very cool company called Backyard Brains, Inc. The electromyogram (EMG) signal can be thought of as an approximation of the command being sent from the brain to the muscle. So, you are seeing and hearing her brain speaking to her trapezius! The equipment in use can be obtained by anyone for about $130 not including the iPad. The subject, a very skilled yogini, is performing two repetitions of Pranayama Breathing from the Bikram posture series. These recordings were made in the Neuromscular Function Lab at Colorado State, Brian L. Tracy, Ph.D., Director. Muscles Alive! is a human neuroscience education outreach program that teaches kids about how the brain, nerves, and muscles work at schools and special events, using fun, interactive, and experiential demonstrations and lessons.

I want to make a website that shows how the Lakota Sun Dance, yoga (like in this video), and Muslim prayer are similar and are electrical. They may be different in ways, but they are similar in that they are energy. Like this video on a website and an app. I want to get the voltage from the device onto a webpage and broadcast to the world via the Internet. Some pray in the Middle East, I pray from Sacred Stone Camp in Standing Rock Reservation at the #NoDAPL action with anyone who is remotely interested, and some pray elsewhere and we show on page together the voltages. We pray to Mecca from around the world and synchronize our voltages on the webpage for peace and an end to the Syrian civil war.

Then, we all pray together for our waters and an end to the use of all oil.

Keep it in the ground…

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Love is All These Things, the Four Directions of the Medicine Wheel

Christ’s Consciousness (left) with a man with in lamentation (right).  I see in the man at the right of the image a sullen face, a Roman Consciousness doing the best he can to feed his family in a time in America where it is getting harder and harder to earn a fair wage.  They were brought together by the Cross of a Power Shovel at the Dakota Access Pipeline Protection Action.  It is my sincere prayer to write and interpret what is going on in events like this through art and science.  I am very included to go towards abstract art for this to avoid direct confrontation with raw emotions and thoughts of people.  It is best to be veiled in this work and work with very primal colors, sounds, movements, and concepts.  Love can be white hot, or ice cold.  It can be flowing as the river in fall, or as subtle as the chickadee chirping the new life of spring.  Love is all these things, the four directions of the Medicine Wheel.  It is a deep prayer of mine that the four colors of humanity (red, white, yellow, and black) can come together in peace around water to resolve the trauma of the high speed nature of our current age.  Lets come together and relax in peace as we work in the ways that God has assigned to us.
Dear Friend,
I wrote this post with some photos from Berkeley and my application essays for the ashram work study.  Here is a word cloud from my poem book I just published.  It shows that I am trying to do the best I can to release my old anger and trying to move to a slower pace of life so I can be at inner peace.  Peace in my own heart, peace in the world.
I wanted to share them with you.  I asked and was granted forgiveness by my graduate advisers at Berkeley.  Both Michael Marletta and David Wemmer.  We talked for about an hour each, hugged, and made peace.  I had come to an understanding in these past seven years about the sources of what happened that caused the deep anger and psychic break.
Writing this poetry book, along with seminary (Princeton Theological Seminary), working with oppressed populations (refugees, African-Americans, and Native Americans), and several postdocs at a mixture of places (MIT, Emory, Harvard, and University of Minnesota) the past seven were the first step towards being happy working in simple work.  I worked for three months at a Greek grocery store named Bill’s Imported Foods.  I am going to continue this path of simple work for a while in the ashram.  I learned I love simple work like washing dishes, serving food, stocking shelves, carrying things, working with customers, talking to people, and smiling while serving food that is from my culture.  I started this blog in Minneapolis at the time.
Daedalus was the father of Icarus in Greek mythology.  While Icarus always tried to push the limits of life, Daedalus was wise and kept to within the lines.  However, he was still innovative and creative.  This is the new way I want to be.  No more Icarus, I want to be Daedalus.  I do not want to fly near the sun anymore, as I do not want to fly near black holes.
My dream right now is to be like water, smooth and peaceful.  The moment I am writing this blog post is a nice day.  The sun is out and the weather is warm.  I just meditated, sang kirtan, prayed, and did asanas in a class at the ashram.  I feel good in this path.  Today is the first day I am really at peace here in the yoga farm.  I am going to go eat now, but I wanted to share with you these thoughts in this blog post.
I am going to go through my cloths today and try to find just what I need and put the rest in the Free Bin for the ashram.  It is my hope to find some clean cloths to wear that fit me, as I have lost weight recently due to making peace with my heart and mind.
Love in God,
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Let Me Think About A Time Like This…


There has been a slow glow coming to my heart and mind after being in the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm for a week so far. I wrote the following in the application for the siva work study study program at the ashram a couple of days ago and was accepted into the program. I am slowing down and enjoying the country air and clean spirits of people. I have a lot of learning to do regarding the yogic path, but this place has brought a lot of peace already to my mind so far. I met with my graduate advisers for the first time in seven years at Berkeley on Friday. Making peace, and starting a new chapter of working on healing relationships that have fallen by the side of the road during the craziness of the past few years.

This could have been me with the grace of God and my friends and family these past few years.  Homeless in Berkeley:


Here’s what I wrote for the application:

Other Skills:

I am very dedicated to education of all ages. I love working with people, and find that I learn something new best by helping others learn it too. I find great joy in helping people realize that good science supports spirituality and a love of nature. I started to write poetry a couple of years ago as a way of starting to explore how art can help people understand complex science topics like evolution and computer science. I have worked with traumatized youth and adult populations over the past couple of years including refugees, African-Americans, and Native Americans. Through the study of my own inner responses to places that had been subjected to violence, be they political, ecological, or spiritual I slowly discovered different aspects of what people have for centuries called yoga. I have a love of the body, and have found that by running, biking, climbing, and weight lifting that my mind operates best when my body is cared for. I am good at helping people learn exercise methods. Regarding personal care for people, I have also discovered from my own experiences the need for a careful control of diet. I have over the past few years lost a significant amount of weight that I gained during a dark period after graduate school. From this experience, I feel I can help others with their diets to lead better healthier lives. Regarding chemistry and science, I feel that science needs to be accessible to people. Science as complex as quantum mechanics can be amazingly wonderful and exciting if people realize that the green leaves of trees are quantum mechanical fluids that take light from the sun and store energy like batteries in food. I just finished doing a couple lessons about this with youth at a Native American reservation. I brought a cheap solar light to these kids (age 7-11) and told them it was an artificial leaf. I had seen people doing research to make artificial leaves during my time at Berkeley, and reasoned that people would be more likely to support this kind of research if they could relate to it first hand. In other words, perhaps my greatest skill is as a teacher. I can take complex topics and break them down into simple language and experience for people of all ages. When people know that we are all connected to earth, then manual physical work like doing dishes and gardening become fun. I love seeing people smile, and find joy in simple work that reaches the soul. A smile can be thought of an auto-catalytic neural feedback loop. Positive neurotransmitters in one person’s brain caused the muscles in the face to smile, and the light reflected from this face reaches the eye of another and causes positive neurotransmitters in another person’s brain to be generated. More smiles, means more peace and happiness. I hope to learn yoga skills to help bring these smiles to people who are subjected to hard life conditions. Even in a war zone, a simple smile can create peace and harmony.

How will I learn yoga:

I would like to listen to my teacher as much as possible, and look inward. I am most in need of help with breathing technique. I hope to learn the subtle mental techniques associated with serious, sustained yoga practice and teaching. It is my hope that I can work each day to get a little better with patience.

Regarding mental illness:


I suffered from a dark period after graduate school associated with not being able to “live up to the bar of top level academic chemistry.” My time at Berkeley and the way I was raised by a stern Turkish father with an MIT Ph.D. put into my head as a young man the idea that the only way to be successful in life was to make a lot of money, gain a high amount of status (in academia measured in publications), and have a materially comfortable life. Two events were extremely traumatic to me that led me the question each one of these three principles. First, my father lost millions of dollars in the financial collapse of 2008, I saw him turn from a loving warm man full of life, light, and vigor into a dark, sullen man filled with hate. I was destroyed in an inner sense by this change. The trauma was so deep because my father had divorced my mother to purse his material and business pursuits. I feel divorce is a very violent event for a young person, and through years of inner work with myself and in therapy that causes a chain of suffering that can ripple through adult life. I felt guilty for the event, and for many years did not realize it. This guilt turned into self hate and anger at myself. Through the several years of study of scripture and service, I have come to realize that this is not something that is isolated to myself. I saw in the Native American, African-American, and refugee youth that I worked with the residues of family violence, and the deep trauma that it causes. It is no coincidence that the suicide rate in Native American youth is four times the national average. Having spent time suffering from the stigma associated with mental illness that is caused by suffering and violence, I can see how it can be a vicious negative cycle. Second, the suicide of a close friend on 9/9/2009 while I was at MIT in a period of extremely high stress (going through a high stress postdoctoral fellowship and a divorce) caused a break in my consciousness. I associated the suicide with 9/11, and felt somehow responsible as a Middle Eastern-American. I felt guilty for all of the sins of both sides of my past, and fell into darkness. Through the past seven years, I have come to realize that we are all human. It is not okay if bad things happen, but we can heal only from them if we learn to really be compassionately detached. This is a very hard thing for me to do emotionally. In treatment I was taught yoga and meditation. I decided to work through much of the learning about yoga and meditation on my own while trying to hold down high stress full time jobs. I eventually came to a point that it is important for myself and everyone that I take time out of my work life to focus on learning yoga and meditation with full time focus. I had spend too many years working with trauma. Though I had the compassion for the people in these situations due to my own wounds, I realized that it is only possible to help others if you are at true inner peace. In the spiritual walk I have had from 2009 to now, I feel I have gradually evolved into a more whole and light filled being. The old values I was raised with have dissolved away. I have realized that love, service, health, humility, and prayer are the only things I really need. Firstly, it is important to love myself. I am a whole person as I am and do not need to be anything other than that. In this walk, I feel if more people could realize this, the world would be a better place.

How did I find out about the ashram:

Berkeley friend Richard Yu

I wrote a poem for the kids at Standing Rock Reservation the past week after seeing extreme violence from militarized police on women, men, and children trying to stop a pipeline for oil being built across the Missouri River. I was so inspired by the movie about the yogi who flew across the Berlin wall and the Suez Canal. I pray one day that I can see other people do such things to make peace in the Middle East and in America. I dream of bringing the Middle East and America together in love and peace. I am so tired of seeing war there, it is something that needs yoga for peace. Maybe one day I might hike from Israel to Gaza and back on a peace walk? I see caring for earth a key to lasting peace. I am working on this theme in the poem book that I am writing about Standing Rock of which this is the first poem:

Light in a Black Hole

“It’s horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment.”

-Ansel Adams

Tears unleashed with the rape of my mother Gaia,
Soul cry to my friends and loved ones,
Don’t stare into the sun,
Sit in a black hole and channel the abyss,

Give light to the darkness,
A singularity revolving around a water swirl,
Sacred stone factory,
Come back and make cannon balls again,

It’s easy to get angry and pick up arms to defend the helpless,
Women, elderly, and children,
Load the cannons with sacred round stones,
Sculpted by the Missouri and Cannon Ball River vortex,

Load the spirit cannons with round stones from the river,
Don’t fight with matter, fight war with spirit and prayer,
With sights of Gaza’s horror coming home,
Built by G4S and Blackwater, Mossad and the CIA,

Palestine a model system for the destitutes’ response to gas and dogs,
Don’t become one of them!
They may cry havoc and let loose the dogs of water war!
Become a nonviolent yogi and let Shiva, Allah, and Kali destroy them…

I feel education is the key to destroying the violence, and the institutions that propagate and profit from it. We do not do anything wrong with life if we can bring the light of love and wisdom to people in education. If people can find ways to work within the system and are empowered with knowledge and wisdom that help them live good lives they will be more likely to be at peace. In this way, I see education being the key to world peace. I do not mean Western education as I was educated. I mean a combination of spiritual wisdom and love and modern Western education. The world’s spiritual traditions and the best of what is modern can come together and be at harmony with a good strong yoga practice.

On Karma Yoga:

I understand that selfless service is a key way of working off bad karma. I love doing all kinds of simple work as it helps others and it helps me to remain in the moment and connected with earth and other people. I have always dreamed of working with my body and spirit first, that informed with my mind, can help a small spiritual community. I have been working in the kitchen the past couple of days. One student said he had never seen the pans so clean. I worked for three months in a Greek grocery store between service trips to the Lakota reservation and gained a great appreciation for working with food. There is something very meditative about cleaning dishes, serving and preparing food, and sharing a smile while giving someone something like food.

I William Kaya Erbil agree to be in a yoga immersion program of the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Farm.

In the yoga farm I can finally think clearly again and read books.  My life is coming back…



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A Yogic Water Protector Seeks to Find the Truth Between Warring Sides


I met with the key yogi here at the farm about doing residence training here. He said things looked good on his end and he would send my application to the director who is in China. I feel this is a good place to connect with earth and meditate on this deep issue of global importance. He told me, rightly, that what I encountered in #NoDAPL is the human condition and to step away from the story, and start to study yoga and its deep understanding of human nature. I agree, but he said do it gardening and doing work outside. I agree, it sounds like heaven. God will speak through the earth, not the computer.  This is a word cloud from my book.  The blue around the flame is the water, the theme of the second book of poems I am writing now.  Let’s make peace, and use modern and ancient knowledge and wisdom to bring earth into balance.

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To Understand #NoDAPL, the Arab Spring, and Climate Change: Study Theology, Even If You Don’t Believe in God

I wrote this post after my experience at the #NoDAPL actions. I was contacted by a recruiter for IBM Weather today on Twitter for a position in Predictive Analytics. He is Kurdish and from Iran. He asked about my name Erbil, he is from there. Something is happening good. I wrote about in this post of a predictive analytics tool like IBM Watson trained on The Weather Company’s Weather Underground 200,000 weather sensors will help people get aid in the face of climate change induced social chaos. We can get this into the hands of the people, getting it to the tribes and people in the Middle East so they can make informed decisions just like American and European companies. It’s a tool, what you do with it is helpful to you. It empowers people to make cases for what climate change may do legally, making nonviolent solutions possible to prevent the anger I experienced at Standing Rock. If people can act within the system to enact change, informed by real data, peace will be seen more.

I had spent several years working on humanitarian work that led to my first poem book.  I hope to continue to write popular books on the basic theme in this book.  It needs to be fleshed out with data.  I feel the tools that IBM Weather offers will be invaluable in writing the book.  I see IBM merging Watson AI with the Weather Underground Internet of Things weather sensors from The Weather Company.  The book Windfall: The Booming Buisness of Global Warming offers to help me understand this in more detail.  I will look at it at some point after talking to more to IBM about their products.  It offers everyone the chance to be informed as possible about climate change economic impacts.  It is absolutely essential for the public to know about this.  This blog is quickly evolving into a site where this is the issue of focus.  I went on a round about way to work on this, I found theology to be the best way to actually find patterns in human behavior to inform the future.   A friend from MIT gave me this Atlantic article a couple of years ago that describes the why of this.

From the article, “If history and comparative religion alike offer us perspective on world events from the “outside,” the study of theology offers us a chance to study those same events “from within”: an opportunity to get inside the heads of those whose beliefs and choices shaped so much of our history, and who—in the world outside the ivory tower—still shape plenty of the world today. That such avenues of inquiry have virtually vanished from many of the institutions where they were once best explored is hardly a triumph of progress or of secularism. Instead, the absence of theology in our universities is an unfortunate example of blindness—willful or no—to the fact that engagement with the past requires more than mere objective or comparative analysis. It requires a willingness to look outside our own perspectives in order engage with the great questions—and questioners—of history on their own terms. Even Dawkins might well agree with that.”

Theology gives us the chance to empathize with people who act out in conflict, sites of intersection offer sites of conflict.  Please read this post I wrote in seminary to understand more.  This paragraph from my paper is vital, “Language is the framework upon which cooperation is constructed.  Thus, careful linguistic analysis is essential to evolving cooperative frameworks in human society.  At present, religious practices, such as Islam, Judeo-Christianity, and Buddhism, are the largest religious systems, and while they engender cooperation within a finite social network, they also may breed conflict at the intersection of two or more different religious social networks, particularly at the intersection of locations of economic strife (e.g. the Crusades and the current “War on Terror/Arab Spring”[6]).  A super-religious theological system(s) is needed to transcend traditional religious boundaries.  To this end, a careful Darwinian analysis of religious systems may aid in the construction of such a cooperative theology.  According to Darwin in The Descent of Man, “… numerous races have existed, and still exist, who have no idea of one or more gods, and who have no words in their languages to express such an idea. … If, however, we include under the term “religion” the belief in unseen or spiritual agencies, the case is wholly different; for this belief seems to be universal with the less civilized races.”[7]

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Weather Predictive Analytics and Ensuring Safety of Sites of Social Conflict


I am very interested in what IBM is doing with its merger with the Weather Company.  They have formed a new company.  A really interested paper to me came from a friend on Twitter that looks at the intersection of English and Arabic language social media networks on the Internet.  I learned in my service work the past few years and the research that I have done on social media between by social network that spans across the West and the Middle East that trends across these networks often follow certain patterns that evolve according to ecological events.  The intersection of two central resources for modern human life, water and oil, are at the heart of many social conflicts today.  Having a Turkish father, I know first hand that much of what is going on in the Middle East today politically relates to how these two resources are shared across human population groups.  After reading Naomi Klein’s book This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate and viewing the film The Native and The Refugee, along with my deep understanding of the intersection of Western and Middle Eastern culture from my studies of the history of global religious conflicts I understand that is it is vital for the health of the global economy to carefully monitor and predicatively model sites of conflict around these two essential resources.  Indigenous people, particularly Native Americans near oil pipelines such as the Dakota Access Pipeline, and Middle Eastern people both share a common bond in that they are living in lands where oil is being mined and transported around important water sources.  Great violence has the potential to erupt at sites where there is political dispute over how these resources are shared.  Having just gotten back from the Dakota Access Pipeline actions, and seen first hand the intense anger in the people at the sites of protest I believe that it is more important than ever to greatly expand the distribution of predictive analytics tools to allow groups to make informed decisions about how the ecology of the earth will affect lands.  Any group, be it a business, a tribe, a government, or a community can make better decisions about how to care for people with the kinds of weather predictive analytics tools that are being developed by companies like IBM in its acquisition of The Weather Company.  The singular paper in my mind right now from the science literature that describes how important these tools are to humanity is the paper I have written about and posted to this blog before.

This post I wrote was confirmed this week in Nature (article).


“Growing evidence demonstrates that climatic conditions can have a profound impact on the functioning of modern human societies 1,2, but effects on economic activity appear inconsistent. Fundamental productive elements of modern economies, such as workers and crops, exhibit highly non-linear responses to local temperature even in wealthy countries3,4. In contrast, aggregate macroeconomic productivity of entire wealthy countries is reported not to respond to temperature5 , while poor countries respond only linearly5,6. Resolving this conflict between micro and macro observations is critical to understanding the role of wealth in coupled human–natural systems7,8 and to anticipating the global impact of climate change 9,10. Here we unify these seemingly contradictory results by accounting for non-linearity at the macro scale. We show that overall economic productivity is nonlinear in temperature for all countries, with productivity peaking at an annual average temperature of 13 6C and declining strongly at higher temperatures. The relationship is globally generalizable, unchanged since 1960, and apparent for agricultural and non-agricultural activity in both rich and poor countries. These results provide the first evidence that economic activity in all regions is coupled to the global climate and establish a new empirical foundation for modelling economic loss in response to climate change 11,12, with important implications. If future adaptation mimics past adaptation, unmitigated warming is expected to reshape the global economy by reducing average global incomes roughly 23% by 2100 and widening global income inequality, relative to scenarios without climate change. In contrast to prior estimates, expected global losses are approximately linear in global mean temperature, with median losses many times larger than leading models indicate.”

Untitled-1 Article pdf:




I am left by looking at these two papers with an idea, what happens to the intersection of the global south (e.g. Middle East) and the global north (e.g. Europe) if figure 4 is true politically?  Given the extreme amount of political instability that we see currently in the Middle East, I am left wondering what can be done to prevent this prediction.  I feel that it is possible to look at social media and weather data together, particularly at the intersection of Arabic and English language content with weather data to look at trends in language associated with violence and anger.  It is vital to deliver aid and economic and educational assistance in areas where social conflict may emerge.  In my experience at Standing Rock, I felt the arrival of a police presence that rivals that of what can be found in sites of violence in the Middle East like Gaza or Syria.  I am left questing a lot about whether these forces are justified.  The ethics of the whole situation is very complex.  Certainly, what is most important is delivering aid, be it educational, financial, or spiritual to sites that are going to be identified as dangerous sites of social conflict.  By looking at the intersection of social media traffic between the Arabic-English language intersection and weather data, I feel that we can find ways of making peace and harmony in the face of traumatic climate events.  The ecology of earth impacts human lives and everyone needs tools to be able to visualized and understand the complex weather systems of earth and how they will impact real lives.  Economies and the well being of whole societies rest on an accessible and easy to use way to visualize climate data and its intersection with socio-economics.

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