The Life Story of the Sun and Earth


For an international online cooperative web project for education on the Edx platform (

Do you want to help?

I will make five hour long lecture videos and a 30 second, 5, and 15 minute trailer for YouTube to spread the idea our shared global community. We seek to reach all people regardless of nationality, education level, religious orientation, etc. by targeting the course to the global average 15 years old education level.

I am going to start putting together a lecture on chemistry, ethics, genetics, and a protein that is important for life on earth and game theoretic approaches to understanding how it can be imagined as a place of balance of power on earth as I did during a lecture at Princeton Theological Seminary. The protein, found in the genomes of all plants and some bacteria, is called photosystem II and uses light to make food for all life on earth in what is called photosynthesis. The idea is to explain life on earth as a system and that this protein is an important “river” of energy. It, with the exception of life that lives in deep sea vents, is the source of how solar energy enters into all kinds of life. Animals, bacteria, fungi, and plants all rely on this protein. So, the idea is to build a foundation lecture to explain about the science of this protein. Then, I will explain how ethics links to this protein. I will talk about sharing and cooperation to facilitate a balance of energy on earth between those life forms who have power and those who do not. We will encourage the evolution a scientific foundation and approach for good ethics in humanity.

I welcome any help you can provide.

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